You can take Casey out of the newspaper, but you can’t take the newspaper out of Casey …..

It’s here…..

The fifth book, 18 Buzzy Lane, in the The Casey Quinby Mystery Series is now available. Follow Casey as she takes on her first missing person case.

Although Cape Cod is my first love, Boston has, and will always be, my favorite city. Casey will introduce you to places you’ll want to visit, then again there will be those places you don’t want to know anything about. For you who follow Casey, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m back behind the desk working on my next book. I’ve taken on a new series … The Detective Mike Mastro Mystery Series. Detective Mastro is a thirty-two year veteran of the Boston Police Department … twenty-two years in the North End and ten years in Revere. You’ll have to stay tuned for updates ……

Just to reassure you … I’m not hanging Casey out to dry. After all, she’s just getting started in her new career as Casey Quinby, Private Investigator. She’s still got lots of irons in the fire.

I know this newsletter is short …. but, there will be more coming …. soon.