Casey Quinby Mystery Series

Casey Quinby hit the world of print in 2012.

Casey’s dream to join the police department in the town where she grew up was shattered when, while attending the academy, she fell, resulting in a life changing injury. Unable to continue with her training and in need of rehab, she moved to Cape Cod, took up residency in Hyannisport and worked out at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital three mornings a week. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, but knowing she needed more, she enrolled in a Journalism program at Cape Cod Community College. During this time she worked with local police departments to sift through and help solve cold cases, even dabbling in a few current ones. After graduating, she married her two degrees and landed the job of head investigative reporter for the Cape Cod Tribune. Her nine-to-five job didn’t end her association with the PD’s. If anything, it allowed her more avenues for information in her investigations. After ten years of balancing the dual roles, she left the newspaper, bought a small building in Barnstable Village and hung her shingle—CASEY QUINBY, Private Investigator.

The Casey Quinby Mystery series currently includes:

Empty Rocker
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Paint Her Dead
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Caught with a Quahog
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A Tale of Two Lobsters
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